Laurie Rabut

Kelly Jeffords is a “wellness educator” in the best sense of the word. She has a unique and holistic approach to empowering people to take responsibility for their lives and well being in the context of connecting with, and caring for the well being of the earth, water, animals, plants and minerals who share our inhabitance on this planet.

I experienced Kelly Jeffords leading a “Healing and Wellness Weekend” here in Southern Vermont in May 2017 for 30 people aged 2-70. Kelly related to young and old alike with kindness, clarity and effectiveness. She was well organized and her communications were clear and helpful. Throughout the weekend, I witnessed Kelly’s leadership as a beautiful combination of strength, solidity and clarity coupled with softness, kindness, humility, a sense of humor and deep experiential wisdom. Her practicality and flexibility were evident in her ability to evaluate and shift gears when necessary. Everything she shared during the weekend both in and out of ceremony was offered in a way that could be heard and digested by those who had come to experience and learn.

I wholeheartedly recommend Kelly.